Thunderbrew is a four piece hard rock/heavy metal act who is proud to announce the release of their third cd "Misery" available April, 2009. Big on both musicianship and showmanship, Misery reveals yet another attribute of the band. Thunderbrew has developed the ability to incorporate that "hook" that makes you wake up with a particular song playing in your head into their music. With production help from Candlebox's Kevin Martin and mastering by Beau Hill Productions, Misery finds Thunderbrew taking another leap forward in their passion to make music and share it with the masses.

The quartet from Wilmington, DE has been building a loyal following up and down the east coast of the United States since the late 2004 release of their first cd Red, White, and Brew. And aside from a short break to produce and release Thunderbrew: Home Brewed Bootleg, the band's first full length dvd, and Hell's Too Full, their second cd, the lads have spent their time out on the road touring. With a sound that has been compared to a cross between Metallica and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Daran Amos (lead guitar and vocals), Rick Land (lead guitar), Bob Beird (bass guitar), and Dan Kwasizur(drums) have seen their following grow in both number and enthusiasm to the extent that fans have traveled from as far away as Toronto, Canada and Istanbul, Turkey to catch a show.

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